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Free-Dried Berries & Herbs

Client: Promoto Spices

Label Design & Typography: Volha Furs

Product Copy: Senni Heimala

Shelf-ready Packaging (SRP): Saara Moilanen
Photos: Volha Furs & Saara Moilanen

The Goal:

The client, Promotto spices, is going to introduce a new product family, freeze-dried herbs and berries for sweet and savoury baking. The product family is an extension of the brand Spices Chef.


Freeze-drying is a low temperature dehydration process that involves freezing the product, lowering pressure, then removing the ice by sublimation. Freeze-dried products possess high nutritional values and intense flavour. Compared to any other preserving method, freeze-drying has many inherent advantages especially related to the product quality and presentation.


Concept Development & Sketches

Label Design & Typography

Shelf-Ready Packaging


Final Design

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