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Website Redesign for
a Marketing Agency

Ink Tank Media (ITM) is Finland's international content marketing agency. Based in Helsinki, its award-winning writers, filmmakers, illustrators and artists do creative strategy, content production and social media for Finnish companies.

At the time of the project, I have been working as a visual designer in ITM for 3 years.

My Responsibilities

  • Heuristic Evaluation

  • User Personas

  • User Journey Map

  • Visual Design

  • Information Architecture

  • Wireframes and Prototyping

  • Usability Testing

  • Implementing feedback after the usability testing

The Goal

The goal was to create a fresh and innovative online presence that effectively communicates our expertise and passion while offering a seamless browsing experience.

This project aimed to redesign the agency's website based on advisory meeting feedback. I sought to accurately showcase the services, improve client retention, and enhance user experience. The previous site lacked clarity, inconveniently showcased projects, and had unfinished pages with outdated imagery.

The Objective

  • Rethink the website's architecture.

  • Update the UI and imagery to create a visually appealing.

  • Introduce thematic sections to allow users to find services.

  • Develop the categorise so users would be able to sort cases according to those categories.  

Heuristic Evaluation & Benchmarking

Heuristic evaluation is a crucial UX design process where experts assess a website based on predefined usability principles. It uncovers usability issues and improves the user interface. It provides valuable insights for designers and developers to make informed decisions and create intuitive and user-friendly digital products.

The link to the report on heuristic evaluation >>

Based on our benchmarking analysis, each of the evaluated marketing websites showcased strengths in specific areas, such as content relevance, navigation, and mobile responsiveness. The findings of this study provide valuable insights for marketers and website developers to enhance their online presence, optimize user experience, and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving marketing landscape.

Typography & Colour

Typography: Lato is a sans serif typeface family started in the summer of 2010 by Warsaw-based designer Łukasz Dziedzic. In December 2010, the Lato family was published under the Open Font License by his foundry tyPoland, with support from Google.

Colours: This colour palette has represented the brand identity for about 10 years. The colours evoke a sense of boldness, vibrancy, and play. In line with accessibility guidelines, I opt for an 87% black for the main text and headers. In their article, Tamer Okail explained why designers should avoid pure black typography on digital screens. 


User Personas

The research and data analysis provided insights into the agency's target audience (clients) and the users' experience with the UX and UI of the website. The insights took the form of User Personas, which helped to stay focused on the core needs and pain points of users depending on their needs and expertise. The User Personas laid the path for a website redesign. 

User-persona 1.jpg
User-persona 2.jpg

Information Architecture

The architecture of a website refers to its underlying structure and organization, determining how information is arranged and accessed by users. A well-designed website architecture ensures intuitive user experience, easy navigation, and efficient information retrieval. A clear and cohesive website architecture enhances user engagement, facilitates effective communication, and contributes to the overall success of the website in delivering its intended objectives.


User Journey

The user journey, as revealed through user interviews, highlights the significant role of a website in shaping impressions of a professional business's activities and the perceived level of professionalism. It underscores the importance of a well-designed and professional website as a key factor in establishing credibility and trust with potential clients.

User-journey map.jpg

Low Fidelity Prototype

Video Demonstration of the Redesign

Video demonstration of the final version of the website redesign.
Desktop version

Detailed Description of the Website Redesign

Redesign of the Homepage

The following improvements were made as a result of the user journey and user testing in the redesign of the Homepage:

  • Formed a clear list of the web pages in the Menu that all follow the same pattern of interaction (lead to a new page)

  • A clear architecture of the website

  • A clear header consisting of an intriguing sentence dimmed magenta overlay and a slogan. All the focus is on the words

  • A clear statement of the services followed by a convenient layout of the cases

  • The map is replaced with the CTA in the form of a button, encouraging to get in contact