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This is the collection of brand identities I have created with my customers. Each of the brands has its own story and their own personality. You are welcome to meet them!


Tietokide is an organisation that develops knowledge crystals, and web-based information objects that are used in scientific information production. Knowledge crystals offer the best, most current answers to specific research questions. 


Colour Choices

BLUE is used by serious companies/institutions (i.e. banks, universities, technology) to project trust, responsibility, formality and experience (ex. Nordea,  Terveystalo).

CARIBBEAN GREEN relates to sea water (wisdom, power, mindfulness) and to a tint of green that stands for eco, smart technology, smart cities, care and mindful life.

LEMON YELLOW is a colour of the sun, joy, smiles, brightness and friendliness. This colour brings to mind light, connection and accessibility. Together with the Caribbean green, it gives a modern, neon look.

eazy bee

Eazy Bee is a cleaning company that works for private sector clients in Helsinki and Espoo.

The brand logo that I designed reflects the owner's personality: her bubbly character, kindness and warm heart. The logo also incorporates her favourite colour.


TribeCast Tampere offers online podcasts about startups in Finland. TribeCast is a child project run by Tribe Tampere.

TribeCast wanted the logo to resemble a hedgehog: how they roll when curled into a ball, try to figure out things and ask direct questions from entrepreneurs from all over Finland.

Golden Ratio


SAC (Self-Access Center) was a service by Tampere University that enabled the students and university staff could study the language of their choice for free. The centre's core values consisted of cultural exchange, communication and education: SAC provided the material for self-studying and organised social events.

Languages are about travelling, flying around and exchanging ideas, just as birds do. This is where the idea for the bird-resembling logo came from.

Golden Ratio


Customer:  Tullinkulman Työterveys Oy

Project management - Ines Salmiranta

Graphic Design (Brand Identity) - Phairam Danjittrong

Graphic Design (UI) - Matilde Dos Reis

Illustration & Brand Management (Marketing Material) - Volha Furs

Marketing Research - Pekka Tuisku, Antero Mäkinen

PIRTE is a rebrand of an occupational healthcare company Tullinkulman Työterveys Oy that operates in the Pirkanmaa region of Finland. The company has gained a good reputation during its 40 years of existence and serves more than 1,800 companies and about 42,000 private sector customers in Pirkanmaa.


I was part of an international team that developed a fresh brand identity and crystallised the company's mission and vision. We came up with the name PIRTE and reinforced the company's visual presence with a new logotype, name cards, stationery, website and postcards.

Ideas for Marketing

Sweet Dreams

Event branding for a birthday party.

Let me tell you one story, my friends...

In Belarus, we usually shorten our first names when among the close ones. My name, Marina, doesn't really have a proper short version. Therefore I had to think hard about it. The short form of "Marina" that I came up with is "Mara". In Belarusian "mara" means "a dream". It also reminds me of the pagan Slavic goddess of sleep Mara-Marena. And the dreams are created to be sweet and shared with friends, aren't they?.." — Marina M.

Marina has a deep love for chocolate, good coffee and, more importantly, Sweden. This year is special for her because, as a fresh graduate, her life is full of goals and plans that she aims to accomplish in the near future. The coming year is full of sweet dreams of finding a job in Sweden and moving there.


Marina was born in the '90s, right after the collapse of the USSR. Back then, the goods of foreign companies were scarce in the country, so a product such as a Nestlé chocolate bar was a child’s biggest treasure. Nowadays, we have goods from all over the world, so Marina's childhood sweet dreams and wishes have come true!


I found a "100 grand" chocolate bar wrapping from the '90s which we both liked. This package became the main inspiration for the design. I created chocolate wraps for guests in the theme of the birthday party.

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